The Meaning of Life is Obvious

Our ideas and preconceived notions of who we are, what life is about and what we should do in life all get in the way of seeing life for what is really is: simple and loving.

Within this simplicity of life we all have a mission, or destiny to fulfill. This mission usually isn’t complex or complicated. Our minds will want to make it so because the mind feeds of complexity, but really it is simple.

The Meaning of Life is Obvious


What makes life complex is that people want life to be what life is not, they want themselves to be what they are not and they want their destiny to be what it is not.Then they attempt to gain from life that which confirms their own idealism, and because life cannot confirm this, all becomes distressed, conflicted and complex.The mechanism of life may be complicated in its minute details, but the meaning of life is directly obvious to anyone who looks without the distortion of judgment or preference

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A Necessary life is a Meaningful life

A necessary life is a meaningful life.

The movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart

Coming out of the holiday season, some people get depressed and believe that their life is not necessary or meaningful.

Like George Bailey from the Frank Capra movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” we sometimes lose sight of how vital and necessary our life is.

Our job gets us down. The weather can get us down. Our local sports teams can get us down. Even things that normally make us happy can get us down: pets, children, even our favorite food.

I love this film because it reminds me of how necessary my life is and how important everyone’s life is. Steps to Knowledge touches on this truth and goes one step further:

Your life is a necessity. Its importance is not merely for you alone, but for the world as well. If you can comprehend this in truth, this will override any sense of unworthiness or indolence that you may still possess. For if your life is a necessity, then it has purpose, meaning and direction. If your life is a necessity, then all other lives are a necessity as well. In this, you will wish to harm no one but instead will seek to affirm Knowledge in everyone. This necessity, then, bears with it the strength and the direction that you require and provides you with the grace and depth that you must receive for yourself. A necessary life is a meaningful life. – Step 172 from Steps to Knowledge

A Necessary life is a Meaningful life

If we could all see how vitally important our life was and what the purpose of us being here was,  there would be no more depression, hopelessness, addiction, or anxiety. Vitality would spring forth effortlessly!

People would be busy living their important lives – not in an ego sense of being better that others – but important in the true sense of living a life they know that MUST live: in service to humanity or in service to the Earth and its living creatures. A necessary life is a meaningful life!

Interested in connecting with your the necessary and meaningful life that you were born to live? Knowledge holds the answers for you. Take the Steps to Knowledge and start to discover your necessary and meaningful life today:

Steps to Knowledge - The Book of Inner Knowing

Steps to Knowledge

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Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso understood the meaning of life. He knew that life was for more than temporary pleasures or stimulation.

Picasso knew through his own efforts that the meaning of life was to discover our true gifts and then to give them to the world. How do we realize our gifts? How do we find this meaning?

The New Message advocates stillness as the most direct path to discovering and remembering our purpose:

“Give yourself completely into stillness and silence. Give of your heart and give of your mind. Give all that you realize you can give, for this is a gift to the world. Though you cannot as yet see the result, have confidence that this giving will extend beyond your own mind and will touch all minds in the universe, for all minds are truly joined in reality.” – Read more quotes on Stillness

Stillness and Life Meaning

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The Blue Print for your Mission in Life

“To begin with let us speak about what Knowledge is and why it is so important for you. Knowledge represents the deeper Spiritual Mind within you. The Mind that Knows…What was Created by God is Knowledge within you, this deeper mind that we are describing. So for now be content, realize Knowledge is your connection to God, it is how you can experience God, most directly, and it is the part of you that has really come into the World for a Mission. In other words, Knowledge contains the memory of your Creator, the memory of your purpose for being here and the blue print for your mission in life.” – Greater Community Spirituality

blue print for life's misisonAlthough the idea of a deeper Knowledge that knows our life meaning and mission is appealing, it must be felt. This is something that can only be experienced.

We can’t just assume that we are in the right place, doing the right things with the right people because we have Knowledge. This Knowledge must be felt, and especially, it must be heard.

In my experience, Knowledge is the very soft voice deep within me that tells me where I need to go and what I must do to fulfill my mission. It is under my conscious awareness most of the time. If I have to “think about” Knowledge, I can’t hear it.

My mind that knows the blue print for my life’s mission is quiet and very different from my monkey mind that wants exciting activities and fantastic ideas. It is the still mind, that must be developed through a practice of inner listening,  that knows where my life is taking me.

Knowledge is like a gentle, steady breeze that is constantly pushing me in a certain direction in order to reach my destiny.

In stillness I can read the blue print for my life’s mission. In stillness, all things can be known…

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Choices in Life

When I was a young man looking to start a career, I was bedazzled with many alluring choices in life.

I could become a teacher, a doctor, a business man, an artist, and the list went on and on. Many fortunate people in the World face this same struggle and continually ask themselves, “What I should I do? I have so many choices in life!”

Choices in LifeWhile we may think we are fortunate to have so many choices in life for our career, Heaven looks at it in another way:

The mere fact that you believe you have choices [in life] is an indication that your certainty is beyond your awareness. – Secrets of Heaven, Step 36

They’re saying that when we consider Option A over Option B, we really don’t know what we’re doing. We don’t have the certainty of purpose that gives our life meaning.

Knowledge Eliminates Choices in Life

In other words, if we’re having a hard time making a decision, we need to get in touch with what our life is really for and we need to discover Knowledge. The book continues to explain about Knowledge and choices in life…

For when you know, there is no choice. What is known is of God. In time, your knowing will become so strong that the burden of decision making will fall away from you. Without choices, the mind is free and can rest and enjoy, unafraid of what it must choose between. Without choice is perfect faith in the knowledge that everything that is known leads to greater peace. - Secrets of Heaven, Step 36

So, choices are really burdens in disguise. My culture always promoted choice as “freedom”. But seen from the Angels’ perspective, choice just slows us down as we strive to find meaning in our life and to live it.

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Meditation Leads to Meaningful Life

Source: New York Times

Meditation Leads to Meaningful Life

It’s worth noting that these meditation methods are not just useful, but inexpensive. You don’t need a drug or an injection. You don’t have to become a Buddhist, or adopt any particular religious faith. Everybody has the potential to lead a peaceful, meaningful life. We must explore as far as we can how that can be brought about.

The calamity of 9/11 demonstrated that modern technology and human intelligence guided by hatred can lead to immense destruction. Such terrible acts are a violent symptom of an afflicted mental state. To respond wisely and effectively, we need to be guided by more healthy states of mind, not just to avoid feeding the flames of hatred, but to respond skillfully. We would do well to remember that the war against hatred and terror can be waged on this, the internal front, too.

I try to put these methods into effect in my own life. When I hear bad news, especially the tragic stories I often hear from my fellow Tibetans, naturally my own response is sadness. However, by placing it in context, I find I can cope reasonably well. And feelings of helpless anger, which simply poison the mind and embitter the heart, seldom arise, even following the worst news.

If humanity is to survive, happiness and inner balance are crucial. Otherwise the lives of our children and their children are more likely to be unhappy, desperate and short. Material development certainly contributes to happiness – to some extent – and a comfortable way of life. But this is not sufficient. To achieve a deeper level of happiness we cannot neglect our inner development.

Ready to try a program of meditation to create meaning in your life? Take the Steps To Knowledge.

Meditation Leads to Meaningful Life

Steps to Knowledge

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For Greater Meaning, You Must Penetrate the Surface of Your Mind

Life Meaning is beneath the surface of your mindTruly your life is a mystery and, yes, truly it requires that you explore it if you wish to comprehend its purpose, its meaning and its true direction. This is essential for your happiness and fulfillment in the world, for if you have been looking carefully at your life, you will realize you have not been satisfied by little things. For you who seek Knowledge, something greater must be given. You must penetrate the mere surface of things, which seems to adequately stimulate most people. You must accept your deeper yearning or you will cause yourself unnecessary grief and conflict. It is not important what other people value. It is important what you value. If you are seeking for greater meaning, which is true meaning, you must penetrate the surface of your mind.

- Steps to Knowledge, Step 36

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Without your ancient Knowledge, Life is Meaningless

Steps to Knowledge - The Book of Inner Knowing

Steps to Knowledge

You must realize that without Knowledge life is hopeless, for you are without purpose, meaning and direction. Then only your errors can teach you, and only they can support your unforgiveness.

Realizing the failure of your own ideas to be a substitute for Knowledge, you can then turn to Knowledge and become the happy recipient of its true gifts. Here all things that you have truly sought will be meaningfully satisfied. Here you will have a true foundation in life. Here Heaven and Earth will come together within you and all separation will end. Here you can accept the limitations of your physical existence and the greatness of your spiritual life. Turning to Knowledge, therefore, is of the greatest benefit for you.

Steps to Knowledge, step 215

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Your Life’s Meaning is Coupled with the Greatest Event in Human History

“You have come into the world at a time of tremendous change and challenge. It is not an easy time to be in the world, but if contribution is your purpose and intention, it is the right time to be in the world. You have come at a great turning point. … You have not come here to live a normal life under quiescent circumstances. You have not come here to retire, to go into repose or to live a life of quiet meditation. You have come to serve a world whose needs are immense and pressing and whose time has come for a greater encounter with life beyond its borders.”

Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 11, p. 127

“You have come to help save the world, to give humanity a future and to give your race a greater opportunity—an opportunity to unite, to develop and to become stronger, wiser and more capable, an opportunity to outgrow its tribal divisiveness, its religious fanaticism, its violence, its selfishness and its self-indulgence.”

Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 11, p. 135

“You came here to assist in some specific way the world’s emergence into the Greater Community because this is the biggest thing that is happening here. This is the most consequential event in human history.”

Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 15, p. 196

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Serve Others to Find Meaning in Life

“Ultimately, everyone’s purpose serves the reclamation and the preservation of Knowledge in the world. However, what you may end up doing may seem very different from this, if only in appearance. It is the spirit with which you give, the quality of your gift and the quality of your awareness and your relationships that will keep Knowledge alive in the world. Everything else that is accomplished is to help people, to serve people, to heal people, to enable people, to strengthen people and to take care of people.”

“People… think, ‘Well, my purpose? Let’s see, what do I want?’ as if they were choosing from a great wish list… Purpose has to do with what the world needs from you and what you are able to give to the world, which may or may not conform to you personal goals, plans and ambitions.”

- Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 18, pp. 224, 227-28

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All excerpts taken from The New Message from God

Books of the New Message: Steps to Knowledge | The Allies of Humanity | The Great Waves of Change