Times and Places of Thin Atmosphere

Moments, as if pausing mid-step, when ordinary meaning in life takes on a sense of something greater, imbuing life with higher meaning, purpose and direction. I don’t know how else to describe it except to say it’s as if the atmosphere thins a bit. The boundary between the Greater Reality and the ordinary seems thinner. My ears are pricking, as if being commanded from … where? … to listen. Perhaps you have had such experiences?

Another person describes it as “the universe is talking to me.” That person is someone who is seeking a greater life-meaning by finding the spiritual in the mundane, who knows any language used to describe this sense of transparency fraught with meaning can only approximate whatever the reality truly is.

That person who senses the universe at large has something to say to him in particular speaks of hearing the muttering of the lunatic on the bus and noticing Good Orderly Direction somehow shining through. Sometimes, not all the time, could the universe have something for you that you need to know? What would it take to get your attention? To put your ears on alert with the question, “What was that? What do I need to know about that?”

A Thin Place?

That “universe is talking to me” person sent a photo. The photo of a certain place, just when I’d been holding up that very city in my mind as a question. Beyond the simple coincidence, “Oh, I was just thinking of that city!” were other striking resonances in not only my life but the photographer’s life as well. Impossible to dissect, but impossible to forget. To listen for what the universe is saying is to become aware of the flags, and then to wait for what they signify.

Sometimes great insights require long contemplation.

These thin moments. They seem to occur when there is a concentration of the people of the New Message. They all sense it, too (some more than others). Are we so suggestible, or is it real? Signs are not always what you make of them. Do we feel it now, as we collectively anticipate a moment in time that we recognize is a pivot in history. Everything coming before this upcoming weekend, and everything that follows, those are two completely different worlds. Who senses this?

Everyone who is preparing, that’s who. It is a pilgrimage called the Encampment of the New Message from God. Watch this space for more about how surprisingly redemptive is the preparation for this gathering and more about what I mean by thin times and thin places.


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Service to Self vs. Service to Others: The Journey to a Greater Self

self-service->service to others->serving with others

Life is a journey from dependence through independence to interdependence.

A life of meaning is a journey of steps:

  1. Out of the fog of misdirection in service to self.
  2. To a life centered on a higher path of calling: service to others.
  3. Joining with others to serve an ultimate, shared purpose.

Self-protection and the instinct for survival are the most needs, that if insecure overwhelm the desire for a life of meaning. A stable foundation builds a platform from which to serve others, to work with others while keeping our own needs in balance. Ultimately we might find ourselves in the midst of a something that calls out our best self, a greater self than we could have imagined on our own.

You are undertaking a great transition–a transition from a limited perspective to a greater perspective, from a life dominated by your personal mind to a life that is fused and joined with Knowledge. You are taking a great journey from being imprisoned in your individuality to using it to express a Greater Reality.”- Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume Two, Chapter 33: Perseverance

In centuries past, the question of service finally boiled down to two ways of being in the world:

  1. Service to self.
  2. Service to others.

The Law of One channeling covers this dualistic reality in great detail. Those who read the transcripts tend to elevate the second way of being as clearly a higher order of being in the world. Ayn Rand offered a correction, like a devil’s advocate reminding the idealist … well, to watch out they don’t assume everyone agrees. In both cases, we can observe the legacy of these ground-breakers, still very influential in our world, and still not reconciled.

The New Message reveals that the contrast between service to self and service to others is a false dichotomy. It provides a greater understanding that joining in service to your own true calling makes your life a gift to the world that redeems your life at the same time. God wants what you want, so ultimately, self-service merges with service to others.

Reed Summers offers to the Worldwide Community of the New Message from God his gift for framing the narration of the greater perspective given in the New Message from God.

A summary of the video:

  • We all start off lost in a confusing world.
  • We all are shaped by forces in the world: cultural and social conditioning.
  • We have amnesia: we forget who we are and where we come from; we misidentify with the body and the mind.
  • Something jars us. Something prompts us to begin the journey out of the fog of amnesia, culture and conditioning, the wandering, the fear that self-service is based on.
  • Someone notices our predicament. Finding such a person clears the fog just enough to sense the sure foundation we stand on. “Like a tiny speck on the surface of the ocean, you have been found.” There is hope; this must be communicated.
  • Finding hope, cultivating hope, determined and renewed, we continue on the journey, ever more like streams uniting as they seek the ocean:

The personal revelation is transference of power from the divine through the individual in the form of contribution to the world that you are designed to make at a certain time and place with certain people.”- The Threshold of Personal Revelation, as received by Marshall Vian Summers on July 21, 2009, in Aleppo, Syria

This truth is felt most acutely at this time when humanity is on such a threshold as a race, quickly skidding to the end of the road of self-gratification.

“This is a period of transition, which will be difficult and turbulent. Its opportunities and demands will be tremendous. Its risk of failure will be substantial. It is not a time for the faint of heart or for the weak minded. It is not a time for the ambivalent or the self-indulgent. It is a time for great strength and dedication. Knowledge within you will give you this strength and determination as you become a student of Knowledge, as you advance in The Way of Knowledge and as you take the steps to Knowledge. This is because you are needed for something great in this life.” — “What Is Human Destiny?”

Explore the journey of service in ever-expanding spheres of influence, from self-service through service to others to service joined to higher purpose with others. Find here an action plan for this discovery where “your greater gifts will emerge, and your life will be an inspiration and a great service to others, according to your original design and intent. This fulfills the need of the soul, which is your deepest and most profound need.”

Service to Self vs. Service to Others

The Higher Self is not an individual.

The Road to Heaven

The Road to HeavenGod is far greater than any religion has ever conceived or could conceive, in this world or any world—a God of a billion, billion, billion races and more, a God of galaxies beyond this one, a God of Creation beyond all physical manifestation.

No theology or philosophy could contain this panorama of life, wisdom, power and intention…

Therefore, to understand the love of God, to understand God’s Plan to save everyone, you must have the eyes to see beyond what you are accustomed to, beyond perhaps what you have been taught. Beyond your religious and social conditioning, to a certain degree, you must see.

And when you do, the meaning of your life will begin to become apparent. You will feel as if you have been freed from a prison, a prison within your own mind, a prison of conditioning and religious belief.

For you do not get to Heaven based upon belief. Your road to Heaven has to do with contribution in the world, based upon tolerance, forgiveness and service to others, be you of any faith tradition, be you of no faith tradition. Your life is either purposeful in this regard or not. – God’s Plan is to Save Everyone

Star Wars – Episode 7

I was eight years old when the first Star Wars (episode four) was released. The original Star Wars and the all the ones that followed excited me because they were different from other action movies. Yes, they were fun and full of thrills, but there was always a deeper meaning behind the Star Wars franchise.

star wars meaning - episode 3

Anger turns Anakin Skywalker to the Dark side in Episode 3

Maybe that’s why I feel so disappointed with this latest edition of Star Wars, episode seven. Yes, many of the old characters are there. Yes, the “force” is an amazing phenomenon. Yes, the universe is a spectacular place filled with myriad life forms. But so what? What can I take from this movie to give meaning and inspiration to my life?

The previous Star Wars films all offered lessons of life. In episode three, for example, I learned that fear and anger leads to pain and suffering. This is what turns Anakin Skywalker to the Dark side of the force and into Darth Vader.

The Force - Knowledge is most powerful

Luke Skywalker uses the Force to defeat evil in Episode 4.

In episode four, I learned to trust my feelings and use the “force” to bring good into the world. Luke uses the force to sucessfully destroy the death star.

In episode five, I learned the importance of patience, and preparation required to fulfill my potential. Luke Skywalker leaves Yoda before his training is complete and he is unable to meet the challenge in Darth Vader.

The force of Knowledge requires patience and preparation

Patience and preparation are lacking in Luke’s encounter with Darth Vader in Episode 5.

In episode six, I learned that compassion can save people and the world. This is how Luke finally overcomes the hate and anger within his father, Darth Vader.

In episode seven, I didn’t really learn anything new. Perhaps the closest thing to a teaching could have been when Fin was asked, “Why did you leave the first order?” He responded, “Because it was the right thing to do.” But that rang hollow to me because everyone in life is trying to do the right thing. The difficult part about life is to be able to discern what is the right thing to do! It was said that even Hitler thought he was doing the right thing by killing millions of people. But obviously that didn’t make it the right thing to do.

Compassion is a force of Knowledge

Compassion is ultimately what saves Luke and Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) in Episode 6.

And how about Rey (the female lead in episode 7)? Why was she compelled to join the resistance? Because her life was so bleak, boring and desperate on her home world? What greater meaning and purpose was she searching for in her life? It seems that she was waiting for the return of her loved ones. But what greater need was she lacking besides companionship and love? Does the force mysteriously come to everyone who is lonely and desperate? If so, command of the force would be a very common attribute in the universe!

The things that made me love the old Star Wars films simply were missing in this one: a sense of shared destiny, an emphasis on heart intelligence and using our feelings to know the truth, and most importantly, a commitment to the universal truth that we are all One living in separation, but within a mysterious, unifying “force” that unites and binds all life.

That’s why this film feels like just another action film set in space. Where is the moral of this story? What can I take from this film to use in my own life? Why should I care about these new characters? What meaning is there in a fight against a dark side? These are all questions that I was expecting to be answered just like in the other films. I went to the movie theater wanting to have answers to these questions and I bet millions of other people did also.

Steps to Knowledge - The Map of Life

Steps to Knowledge

Even though this Star Wars film offers no new message to inspire my life, fortunately there is a new message from God that offers something like the “force.” It is called Knowledge. Every sentiment being is born with Knowledge. It is given to us by the divine creator to guide us, protect us, and lead us to the greater meaning of our life.

Knowledge is not just for an elite or a select few. Knowledge is with everyone in the universe. This knowledge is waiting inside us to be discovered. You can’t destroy it or alter it. The world can’t dilute or eliminate it. Knowledge can be ignored, denied and pushed away but it is always with us, waiting to redeem us:

Knowledge exists beyond the realm of desire and fear, and that is why it is sound. That is why it is strong. That is why it is unchanging, and you cannot change it. However, this represents your redemption. No matter what you think or do or have done or have not done, the power of redemption lives within you. – The Gift of a New Life

If you feel it is your time to discover and express this knowledge within you, there is a direct pathway to follow which will lead you to your greater meaning and happiness in life. Join me and others around the world who are taking the Steps to Knowledge.

Enduring Happiness

The “pursuit of happiness” is one of the inalienable rights cited in the American Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. But, they should have demanded the “pursuit of enduring happiness.”

Enduring happiness at workWhat’s the difference?

Happiness is temporary and can be had many different ways. From enjoying good food, to being entertained, to enjoying fine weather.

But enduring happiness, as the words imply, is a greater sense of well-being that does not come and go like our emotions and the sensual awareness of pleasure and pain.

The New Message book Wisdom from the Greater Community, (Volume 1) uses an entire chapter to define enduring happiness and describes what it feels like:

Happiness seems like an emotion because that is how everyone is used to thinking of it—lots of laughter. But I am speaking of something that is an abiding sense of purpose, meaning and direction in life. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and makes it possible for you to truly relax.

When you know that you are doing the right things, engaging with the right people, for the rights reasons, this produces a deep grounding of enduring happiness and peace that cannot be shaken.

I still enjoy diversions, good food, lively company and making money. But there is greater satisfaction from doing meaningful work in the world.

And I’m not alone.

Enduring Happiness Through Work

In survey after survey by human resource departments in large corporations, the #1 motivator of employees is “meaningful work.” To everyone’s great surprise, “money” is not the biggest motivator at work.

Because money produces temporary happiness and provides for other temporary pleasures. People inherently KNOW that meaning is more important than money in their lives. This search for enduring happiness is why people will gladly work at a non-profit organization for less money.

Interested in learning more about Enduring Happiness? Read chapter 22 of Wisdom from the Greater Community.

They Changed the Meaning of Life, Again

Changing the Meaning of LifeThey Changed the Meaning of Life again.


Escape Poverty of the Soul

The world needs many saints now, not just a few. The world needs the gifts of Knowledge through many now, and not just from the few. Oppression will continue. Poverty will continue. But certain people will escape. They will jump out of the fire. And for them something special will happen inside, whether their circumstances be oppressed by poverty or political restraints or whether their circumstances are affluent, easy and undemanding, they have begun to escape the poverty of the soul. – The New Message for the Impoverished and the Oppressed

How to Know You’re Rich

You’re on the road to riches if you have ever considered what your meaning in life may be.

If you have the good fortune to have a roof over your head, plenty of food to eat, a variety of clothes to wear and little worry about war in your country, then you’re rich.

When you have the basic necessities of life, then you can focus on higher order needs such as fulfillment, self-actualization and purpose, as outlined in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:

How to Know You're Rich - Maslow's hierarchy

The bottom of the pyramid are the basic needs and the top of the pyramid are the ones rarely achieved by people.

It is truly tragic that a majority of the world’s population will never get to reach the top of Maslow’s pyramid and fully express their greater calling in life.

Even if the basic necessities of life are taken care of, as they are for most in the Western World, that still doesn’t mean you’re rich enough to think of a life meaning for oneself.

Many people in the West are debt slaves, or wage slaves, or slaves to culture and consumption. They may not live in physical poverty, but they are impoverished spiritually. Even if people have everything they need, they are often still poor on the inside.

How to Know You’re Rich Spiritually

At the end of his life, Maslow ultimately concluded that a person can only find self-actualization by giving oneself to some higher goal outside oneself, in altruism and spirituality.

It is through giving, not by providing for oneself or by consuming, that we can attain happiness.

Even if you’re not rich in terms of money, one can still give. God’s New Message says that most of the great contributors in world history came from poverty:

The great saints amongst you will come from the poor even more than the rich. The great inventors, the great physicians, the great engineers, the great craftsmen, the great politicians, the great leaders of humanity will so often come from the lowest ranks of society. History has proven this. – The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed

If you’re relatively poor, it may be a great blessing because you will have fewer distractions and fewer opportunities to lose yourself in the pleasures of life. But regardless of your circumstances, God has placed Knowledge – Divine intelligence of your life’s purpose and meaning – within everyone. This is the pathway to a rich spiritual life:

Everything that is beneficial that humanity has created and produced in all fields of endeavor have come from Knowledge, have come from God, working through individuals, working through committed relationships, working through great marriages, great friendships, great associations and work, working through charity and working even through government agencies. Even they can be inspired. – The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed

This pathway to Knowledge and a life of purpose and meaning is available to everyone, rich and poor. It starts with silence and stillness every day:

You will be amazed at what taking ten or fifteen minutes a day in silence and inner listening will do for your life, relieving you of stress, allowing your insights to catch up with you, responding to deeper things within yourself. – The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed

How to know you’re rich is when you’re at the end of your life and you reflect back on how you spent your time. Was it filled with meaningless pursuits of wealth, power or fame? Or did you spend your life discovering your reason for being in the world and expressing that through service and contributions during your brief life?

The Map of Life

I can honestly say that my life has changed dramatically since finding the New Message.

When i discovered the New Message.. it was such a confirmation of my own spirit, that it changed the course of my life and continues to do so to this day.

Steps to Knowledge - The Map of Life

Steps to Knowledge – The Map of Life

And this is where i would really like to speak because the New Message, the Steps to Knowledge, provided the map. That deeper reality was already within me but i was too consumed by the world to realize it with real clarity.

It was through a greater resonance with the New Message material that you could say, i started to “remember”.. to know.

The Steps have never just told me what to think, what to do, or how to do it. It would be more accurate to say that they encourage one to exercise their own authority and self-honesty. It really isn’t about following anything mindlessly here.

The Steps are what made me question, they made me ask greater questions. What they present is more about unlearning than accumulating new ideas and “stuff.”

It has been a process of going through the layers of my mind. They made me turn to myself, to face myself, to be honest with myself and my circumstances. Again, not because they say, “change this and go there and believe this and then you’ll be fulfilled and have purpose.” No, its really about self-honesty and for the individual to know what they need to know for themselves and their journey.

And that process will differ depending on the person, where they come from, their background in life and where they are going as well..

And it has been in taking the Steps, learning to work through those layers of the mind that i have come closer to that Mystery within, that knowing mind.. such a process, a gradual process.

Those layers being all the social conditioning that has been accumulated over so much time, in so many ways.

The New Message gave me my life back.

What it did was It held up a mirror. Simply and powerfully, so that i could see.. and from there, discover what i need to Know through my own experience.

The Steps are the map up a mountain that already exists.

Editor’s note: You may begin to read your map of life today. Read or download the Steps to Knowledge for free.

Escaping Suffering

escaping sufferingThere is a movement in the world to love everything. Love the hard times, love the challenging moments, love the brutal tests of patience and endurance. Just love it all and you can avoid suffering!

If you can find the joy in every moment, the love in everyone, this movement asserts, you can escape suffering.

The assumption behind this philosophy is that suffering is bad. Suffering is to be avoided, denied, and pushed away.

You can’t deny the appeal of such a philosophy. After all who wants to be a “Debbie Downer”? Nobody!

But where does it say that suffering is bad?

Granted, suffering is not fun. But is there no value in suffering? What is your suffering trying to tell you?

I have found the following wisdom to be extremely effective in escaping suffering. It does not deny it or try to paint a happy face on suffering. This wisdom recognizes that suffering exists and that it must be faced, or else it will dominate you:

Your first objective, then, is to face your suffering directly, and by this I mean you must face suffering without judgment. If you are present with suffering, it cannot affect you. But if you are reacting to suffering or trying to change it, it can overtake you at any time. Those who fight suffering will become enslaved, for they are responding to it. It is capturing them because it is a habit and an addiction. It is something that claims people in spite of their good intentions. – Wisdom from the Greater Community, “Escaping Suffering”

So, no one seeks out suffering. And denying it, or calling it something else, or trying to find the love in everything in order to avoid problems in life is not the solution. Suffering must be faced despite our good efforts to be happy and to make the world a brighter place.

This wisdom goes even further and suggests that suffering is a key to finding meaning in our lives. Suffering will exist for as long as we are not engaged in our meaningful work.

It is the goal of life to find real work in the world. It is what is meaningful that is lacking, and that is why people suffer. When meaning becomes your foundation—true meaning—then that will be the source of your happiness, and you will be able to take it with you wherever you go, regardless of circumstances. – “Escaping Suffering,” Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume I

Lack of meaning in life will produce suffering. A life of meaning greatly reduces it. Escaping suffering is possible.

All excerpts taken from The New Message from God

Books of the New Message: Steps to Knowledge | The Allies of Humanity | The Great Waves of Change