The Blue Print for your Mission in Life

“To begin with let us speak about what Knowledge is and why it is so important for you. Knowledge represents the deeper Spiritual Mind within you. The Mind that Knows…What was Created by God is Knowledge within you, this deeper mind that we are describing. So for now be content, realize Knowledge is your connection to God, it is how you can experience God, most directly, and it is the part of you that has really come into the World for a Mission. In other words, Knowledge contains the memory of your Creator, the memory of your purpose for being here and the blue print for your mission in life.” – Greater Community Spirituality

blue print for life's misisonAlthough the idea of a deeper Knowledge that knows our life meaning and mission is appealing, it must be felt. This is something that can only be experienced.

We can’t just assume that we are in the right place, doing the right things with the right people because we have Knowledge. This Knowledge must be felt, and especially, it must be heard.

In my experience, Knowledge is the very soft voice deep within me that tells me where I need to go and what I must do to fulfill my mission. It is under my conscious awareness most of the time. If I have to “think about” Knowledge, I can’t hear it.

My mind that knows the blue print for my life’s mission is quiet and very different from my monkey mind that wants exciting activities and fantastic ideas. It is the still mind, that must be developed through a practice of inner listening,  that knows where my life is taking me.

Knowledge is like a gentle, steady breeze that is constantly pushing me in a certain direction in order to reach my destiny.

In stillness I can read the blue print for my life’s mission. In stillness, all things can be known…

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