Bridging to a Meaningful Life: An Action Plan

The ultimate step-by-step way out of the misery of a life without meaning is found in the seminal work of the New Message from God, the Steps to Knowledge, for those prepared to find their way out–prepared by this very discomfort of something missing, something vital and necessary, a little relief from so much uncertainty.

The New Revelation from God, given in our lifetime (with all the attendant disruption these things do entail, thanks be to the revolutionary agents of God), is God’s most extensive list of commandments ever given, as if God has learned after all these millennia of conversation, not to become weary of our shenanigans and compromises but instead to elaborate with guidance gentle as a whisper but firm as necessity. [and not a moment too soon, wouldn’t you say?]

  • Allow this change to occur. Do not try to define it. Do not even use ideas from other spiritual traditions to try to define it. Allow it to be a mystery,”

  •  Leave your future open.”

  • You must keep this new experience to yourself as much as possible.”

  • Premature conclusions, indiscretion with others, self-doubt, the attempt to try to define your life—all these things are dangers because they can prevent you from proceeding onward. And once this journey begins, you must proceed onward.”

  •  Keep your eyes open, your ears open, to be very watchful, to be very careful. Do not think that God is going to protect you now from every form of harm, and prevent injury and disappointment and tragedy for you. You must be very careful.”

  •  Seek quiet now more than stimulation.”

  • Plug up all the holes where your ship is leaking, where you are losing ground to others or to situations—through habit or through the designs of others.”

  • Limit your exposure to the media. Do not read a lot of books. Do not go to movies unless they are really inspirational.”

  • If there are longstanding friendships and they cannot follow you now, you will have to let them go, lovingly…. The only exception to this obligation is the raising of your children, which you must do until they reach adulthood.

  • Do not explain yourself to others.

  • Study the pathway that the New Message has provided: to take the Steps to Knowledge, to read the Wisdom from the Greater Community and to learn about Greater Community Spirituality.

  • Do not adopt firm beliefs…. Allow the steps to reveal to you what the journey really is.

  • Maintain your duties and responsibilities, but take time to be with the presence of Knowledge within yourself.”

  • Do not try to take care of other people beyond your children or an elderly parent here, for you are gaining strength within yourself.”

  • Do not make any sudden decisions about your primary relationships if you are married with children, for in most cases it will be premature.

  • Be silent with those who proclaim themselves, who have great judgments upon the world. Do not enter into debate at this point. Do not contend with others. Do not argue the issues. Do not assert your ideas. That is not important now and will be counterproductive for you.

*All quotes from Building the Bridge to a New Life, a revelation given through Marshall Vian Summers on February 25, 2008, in Boulder, Colorado.

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