Bridging to a Meaningful Life (Involves Some Deconstruction)

If you are awake at all–that would be anyone still reading–you seek a life that ultimately will have meaning. You are uncomfortably aware that you are largely “a product of your society, a product of the expectations of society and a product of your own personal thinking.”*

That is an uncomfortable spot, that realization of being so conditioned. It’s all the more uncomfortable because behind it is the feeling, this can’t be right–surely there is a meaning and purpose to life, there has to be, it feels like a need, a drive. The drive to overcome conditioning, to make a contribution of value and not just to the sum of spent consumerism.

This search for meaning–after the basic necessities of life are assured, or more tragically when not–is not to be diminished as a “first-world problem,” but a calling from that place that says we are more than the products of our environments. Breaking through to that place, finding what is more than that, involves the deconstruction of all that conditioning, and it is a revolutionary event.

The New Message from God provides a synopsis of the typical expression of this new state of being, where everything is under review in the sorting out of the limits on one’s life and the true freedom available. There will be some breakage in this process of deconstruction!

  1. “At some point, you come to realize that the life you are living really is … a compromise.”
  2. “You might even feel you are a failure….
    The new life: deconstruction all of no meaning.

    But in this seeming failure is a promise of a greater success. The old life must fail you, or you must fail it, in order to have this new opportunity, this opening in your life, this new beginning.”

  3.  “Your disappointment in yourself and in others and in the great pleasures for which you have paid such a great price—this paves the way for this realization.”
  4. ” You begin to turn this corner very slowly. …the journey has many steps to allow you time to learn and to adapt and to gain a deeper foundation of confidence within yourself so that your life may become inner directed as opposed to being outer directed.”
  5.  “You will become confused about what to do regarding your relationships with people … your relationship with where you live, the work that you do, your activities, your hobbies, your interests and so forth.”
  6.  “You will feel very shaky at first. You will not feel very strong. You will be very uncertain of what you are doing. You will be like the little tender shoot in the great forest that must be protected until it gains enough strength to stand upon its own.”
  7. “You will no longer be interested in doing things with other people that you did before…. you cannot take an old life into a new life, and so you are going through an incremental disengagement.”
  8. “You do not give all your power away to God, thinking that God is going to guide you in everything…. you give yourself greater authority within yourself….
    Metamorphosis from invertebrate to vertebrate is deconstruction of outer shell for inner spine.

    But this authority requires that you become responsible, that you become honest, that you become self-determined.”

Wise companions make all the difference through this passage that is essentially a re-birth, the emergence of the True Self and a new life dedicated to the meaning of this. The Steps to Knowledge is a supportive resource, like a guide on this journey.

*All quotes from Building the Bridge to a New Life, a revelation given through Marshall Vian Summers on February 25, 2008, in Boulder, Colorado.

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