Choices in Life

Choices in LifeWhen I was a young man looking to start a career, I was bedazzled with many alluring choices in life.

I could become a teacher, a doctor, a business man, an artist, and the list went on and on. Many fortunate people in the World face this same struggle and continually ask themselves, “What I should I do? I have so many choices in life!”

While we may think we are fortunate to have so many choices in life for our career, Heaven looks at it in another way:

The mere fact that you believe you have choices [in life] is an indication that your certainty is beyond your awareness. – Secrets of Heaven, Step 36

They’re saying that when we consider Option A over Option B, we really don’t know what we’re doing. We don’t have the certainty of purpose that gives our life meaning.

Knowledge Eliminates Choices in Life

In other words, if we’re having a hard time making a decision, we need to get in touch with what our life is really for and we need to discover Knowledge. The book continues to explain about Knowledge and choices in life…

For when you know, there is no choice. What is known is of God. In time, your knowing will become so strong that the burden of decision making will fall away from you. Without choices, the mind is free and can rest and enjoy, unafraid of what it must choose between. Without choice is perfect faith in the knowledge that everything that is known leads to greater peace. – Secrets of Heaven, Step 36

So, choices are really burdens in disguise. My culture always promoted choice as “freedom”. But seen from the Angels’ perspective, choice just slows us down as we strive to find meaning in our life and to live it.

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