Dabbling in Religions

dabble-in-religionDo not dabble in different religions because you will only be a dabbler. You can only know a religion if you immerse yourself within it. And if you immerse yourself in it, how can you be studying everything else? There are many people who take a very eclectic approach, who try to gather a little of this and a little of that. They have postcards from all over the spiritual universe, but they have never been anywhere. They think they understand what Christianity or Buddhism or Islam or any other religion means, but they have never immersed themselves in any of them. They have never lived them fully. They have lots of big ideas and no Wisdom. Avoid this. Avoid trying to tie in what you are doing with what someone else has done in the past or in the present. Do not make your way spiritual by saying that it is in keeping with Christianity or Buddhism or any other religion, for you don’t really know. You have not yet gone far enough. Avoid collecting spiritual ideas. They are more things to clutter up your mind. Yes, they lookgreater community spiritualityfascinating, interesting and inspiring, but are they necessary? The word “necessary” is important because your life is necessary, and you do not want to fill it up with things that are not necessary. Keep what is either practically necessary or greatly inspirational to you.
– Greater Community Spirituality

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