I Feel Like I Don’t Belong

I Don’t Belong Because I’m Not from Here

I don’t fit into my family or out of my family. Is it bad karma from another lifetime? Believe me, I wanted to belong but it never worked. Just recently I’ve become aware of what a great effort I exerted to be like other kids. What made me so different? Could it be I’m not from here?

“What is it about me that I just can’t seem to fit in here, that I don’t seem to relate to what other kids want to do or to what everyone else seems to be interested in. I’m different.” – Being a Greater Community Person – Marshall Vian Summers

Even though I’ve found a spiritual path that resonates deep in my bones and soul, I don’t belong here either. Is this just a mean trick that a cruel God has been playing on me all my life? So why? Why did I come into this world at this time? Just to undergo angst and unhappiness? How could this be the meaning of life?

From Where?

It may not be true for you, but I know that I have lived previous lives. But a really new idea for me that adds a whole new level of meaning to my life is that some of these lives may have been lived on other worlds in the universe.

“Many of you …have brought with you into the world aspects of your past learning that relate to the larger universe in which we live, what I will call the Greater Community. This is because much of your learning in the past has occurred in other places in the Greater Community.”


These words reach deep inside me to a part of me that I barely know—and resonate there at the deepest level of meaning for my life. Could this account for many years trying to fit into situations where I never felt I belonged? But what accounts for my presence here when I would probably be happier somewhere else? Was it an accident in placement?

“But no, it is no accident that you are here. But for you to understand, you must learn about the Greater Community. You must learn about things that most people have never learned, or do not feel called or motivated to learn. You must learn about life in a bigger arena because that is who you are; that is what you are a part of. You are not better than anyone else; you just bring a different set of qualities to the situation, qualities which could be incredibly beneficial to the world…”

Were We Called Here to Serve?              caged lion

This explanation only hints at the potential for serving in this world but awakens a yearning within me to participate and contribute to something bigger. My life must have meaning. I have always thought that this yearning to contribute to a better world was something that is a deep part of all of us—even those who seem to be bent on destruction. But maybe this need to contribute is a stronger part of those of us who have come from lives lived elsewhere in the Greater Community?

“Your Being does have needs. It needs to be here; it needs to be recognized; and it needs to express and to give what it has. Without that, at the core of us, we are like caged animals.”

But how would my past experience in other lives in other worlds be beneficial to humanity? Is it possible that my past lives contain a gift that I have to give to this world?

Contribution = Redemption

If there is truly something of importance that I came to contribute it would be a gift to me of redemption from a painful past. It could give my life the meaning I have been searching for all these years. I would gladly prepare for this greater service. The truth is, I am on this journey now and I ask you to consider, “Do you have a calling to participate?” If you haven’t fit in, perhaps it is because you have come to serve a Greater Community future as well.

“It is essential that the world undergo its transition into the Greater Community. It is the end of childhood, and with it many things will pass. Do not be concerned with complete destruction, for that is not the way of things. Be concerned instead with supporting the world through this state of transition.” Secrets of Heaven – Marshall Vian Summers.

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Unless stated otherwise, all quotes are from Being a Greater Community Person by Marshall Vian Summers

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