How to Give Meaning to Life

Is life all about the survival of the fittest, as Darwin argued? Is life just a series of competitions to win or goals to achieve? Of course not. People for centuries have known that a meaningful life is found in service to the World:

Survival is not the main concern for the man and woman of Knowledge. They are in a position to contribute to life because they possess what life here does not have, and so they have a life that is not impoverished. They are individuals who are in a position to give meaning to the world. They are not grandiose, yet this meaning can flow from them.
– Wisdom From the Greater Community, Volume I

Steps to Knowledge - The Book of Inner Knowing
Steps to Knowledge

How can we know what and who to serve? Where should we put our time and energy in order to make the world a better place? How can we give meaning to life?

Be attentive today so that you may experience that the presence of your Teachers is with you. Be attentive today so that you may see that the fire of Knowledge is burning within the world and that the presence of your Teachers is present in the world as well. These things will naturally come to you as you are attentive, for without condemnation you will see what is actually occurring. This will confirm your spiritual nature and purpose in the world. This will confirm your true identity and give meaning to your individual life.
Steps to Knowledge, Step 338

Attentiveness is a practice. Luckily, the Steps to Knowledge is a daily meditation practice that makes us more attentive, and to be able to hear the needs of the world. Ultimately, by taking the Steps to Knowledge one can give meaning to life:

Come with us, then. Come to receive and come to give. Come to learn and come with the willingness to experience and to explore with an open mind. The Greater Community Way of Knowledge is not here to fulfill the past or even to explain the past. It is here to bring you into the present and to prepare you for the future. This is why you have come into the world, and this will give meaning and direction to all that you have done thus far. The Greater Community Way of Knowledge will give you a new foundation to fully realize why you are here and who sent you.
– Wisdom From the Greater Community, Volume II

Begin your journey and give meaning to life! Start Steps to Knowledge today!

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