6 Checks for Level Confusion

“Intelligent Design” has its heart in the right place.

The New Message from God warns us about confusion of levels, what some would call category mistakes. The current understanding about level confusion is not extensive but it is important. Clarity from God’s New Message about the overlapping realities of spiritual and physical evolution is like the balm of honey on a sore wound–sweet, gentle, antiseptic–to heal the irritant of things that are just wrong on so many levels. To watch for level confusion is to debug for hasty conclusions or preferential thinking, as all confusion is “the confusion of different levels.”!

Perhaps if I had the chance to ask the most accomplished person in the world anything, I would have to ask that person about level confusion. Surely we are vulnerable to persuasion if we can’t clearly distinguish imagination from reality or discern wishful thinking from objective necessity. The “spin” becomes more persuasive than reality in confusion of levels. Any confusion, of course, disables alert observation, how the magician distracts and controls the audience’s focus.

Confusion of levels can be very subtle and very extensive. The sincere application of a sorting out process–taking the Steps to Knowledge and submitting to ever-ongoing deep evaluation; growing ever closer to the correct alignment with what is most essential to know and to do; learning how to be natural, how to give; realizing confusion is inevitable–can resolve a lot of confusion.

Recognizing confusion of levels can become a detective journey deep into Self-Knowledge in this necessary sorting out process.  The balancing act of keeping one foot in the spiritual and one in the physical has a razor’s edge quality about it.

I have identified some of the flags for noticing confusion. These are just a few that indicate confusion. Oh, how many more there could be! In general, confusion requires a lot of extra work. So the leaks are in areas requiring a laborious amount of effort, though it is a mistake to disdain hard work on that account–it’s the leaky, unaccountable side journeys that are the issue, not the applied effort to excellent results.

“The man or woman of Knowledge does not know what the hell is going on!”
  1. How much ‘splaining is required? What is being justified?
  2. Is that a mote in another’s eye?  Check: beam blocking my vision?
  3. What spiritual significance do I witness made manifest in physical? What is the basis for that evidence?
  4. Where is the view from the pendulum swings, macro to micro (change the aperture?)
  5. Inarticulate guidance no one else can see?  Document it, without hasty conclusions.
  6. Does it persist? After all else, the persistence of a low buzz, a “hum in the room,” can indicate what needs to be looked into.

Ultimately, all fires, all inflammation must be addressed. At EVERY level, we have to “Clean the Rivers, Replant the Forests, Restore the Earth.” A long, long, long process. Any progress contributes, ultimately.



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