Life Is What You Make It

If you are searching for meaning in your life, I have news for you: life is what you make it!

At some point in our life, we search for meaning. We ask: where is it? How do I find it? What is the meaning of my life?

And the answer can be boiled down to what you do most often, most consistently, and most naturally. Life meaning is not 100% pre-destined, but we can’t create it either.

The New Message teaches that we’re always practicing something. Every day, every hour, every minute we’re practicing.

Remember that all you can do is practice. No matter what you do, you are practicing something, you are asserting something, you are confirming something and you are studying something. – Steps to Knowledge, Step 340

The trick is to practice the right things, to practice what we know our life is for. We must practice it in order to accomplish what we know we must do.

How can one KNOW what to do in life? How can anyone know that what they are doing is right for their life?

Life is what you make itSteps to Knowledge provides a pathway to discover this meaning for every life, everywhere. It is a comprehensive guide for discovering life purpose, meaning and ultimately knowing that life is what you make it.

Currently, students of Steps to Knowledge are celebrating the period 25 years ago when this sacred text for life renewal, life redemption and life fulfillment was brought into the world through the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers.

For 20 days, every night we gather in person and online to celebrate and to practice our Steps meditation. We listen for the still and ever-present voice that guides our deeper lives.

The students who participate every night are practicing the obvious fact that life is what you make it. They practice patience, stillness, determination and endurance.

If those qualities sound like you would like in your life, they can be yours. Just start practicing – every day – what is important to you. If you follow the Steps to Knowledge exactly as they are given, you will know, too, that life is what you make it.

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