Life Purpose

How can you discover your life’s purpose? Can you just create your own life’s purpose?

“Never think that your purpose will arise from what you want for yourself.”
– Greater Community Spirituality, chap. 18, p. 227

“God is not calling you to return to your heavenly state, but to enter into the world for the purpose that you have come.”
The Shock of the Future (April 30, 2011)

“Your Knowledge is your purpose.”
Steps to Knowledge, Step 136

“Your calling is great because your purpose is great. Your purpose is great because your nature is great. Your nature is great because your Creator is great. Do not be discouraged, then, but allow yourself to be challenged and challenge yourself. You came here to learn. You came here to accomplish something.”
Greater Community Spirituality,chap. 10, p. 119

“This is your world. This is why you have come. You did not come to sleep on a beautiful planet, but to help preserve it and protect the human family from decline and from subjugation.”
Entering the Greater Community (May 27, 2011)

“Trying to live without purpose, meaning and direction has given rise to all of the escapes and meaningless pursuits that preoccupy, endanger and damage people all around you. You yourself have experienced this in your own life.”
Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter 1:Living in an Emerging World

“Wrong decisions in relationships have disabled and disarmed many a promising person in the world. Many have lost their way and many have lost their chance in life as a result of making decisions here without Knowledge.”
Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter 3:The Pillar of Relationships

“You have come here for a purpose, to remember your True Home while you are in the world. The great purpose that you carry is with you at this moment, and it will arise in stages as you undergo the preparation that we are providing for you.”
Steps to Knowledge, Step 93

“Everyone was sent into the world to be in the world at this time, to face these great and emerging circumstances. So to claim it is too much for you is simply to admit your weakness and to not recognize your responsibility to prepare.”
The Burden of the Messenger April 5, 2011

“God knows what is coming over the horizon. God knows why you are here. God has sent you here for a purpose. Your plans and goals rarely account for this. It is something greater. It is something more simple and less grandiose. It is something essential to your Being and to your nature and to your design. It is the most primary relationship you have, the deepest love, the greatest affinity. It unites you with yourself and brings your life into focus.”
The Engagement (April 16, 2011)

“Do not be analytical. For this is happening at a deeper and more profound level. Do not shrink from this, for this is your life, your purpose and your calling.”
The Engagement (April 16, 2011)

“People often wish to remain in speculation and fantasy because it seems they have so many options available to them. They say to themselves, ‘Well, any way that I go is just fine! I will end up at my true destination, for all the roads lead to truth!’ Do not say these things to yourself, for you are not taking seriously the real opportunities and decisions that you face in life. Roads lead off in all directions. You need to find the right one and stay with it.”
Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter 2, p. 9

“It is your purpose to serve the evolution of this world, as it is the world’s purpose to serve your evolution.” Steps to Knowledge, Step 179″You are the captain of your ship, and you must manage everything that occurs within it. However, you do not assume to direct your ship, to justify it or to determine its origin or its destiny.”
Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 7, p. 72

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