Life’s Purpose Requires Preparation

freedom“You have come at a great time. You have come to give important things. Congratulations!”
Greater Community Spirituality, chap. 11, p. 128

“You have come for a great purpose. Therefore, you need a great preparation. You need great companions. And you need a great heart. This is your gift and your destiny. It is this that you have come to be a part of. And it is a blessing that it is so.”
Greater Community Spirituality, chap. 11, p. 137

“Do not compare your purpose with the purpose of your ancestors. Do not think that your purpose is the same as someone’s a thousand years ago or five hundred years ago or even one hundred years ago. Your purpose is related to the needs of the world and the circumstances of the world.”
Greater Community Spirituality, chap. 18, p. 224

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