The Map of Life

I can honestly say that my life has changed dramatically since finding the New Message.

When i discovered the New Message.. it was such a confirmation of my own spirit, that it changed the course of my life and continues to do so to this day.

Steps to Knowledge - The Map of Life
Steps to Knowledge – The Map of Life

And this is where i would really like to speak because the New Message, the Steps to Knowledge, provided the map. That deeper reality was already within me but i was too consumed by the world to realize it with real clarity.

It was through a greater resonance with the New Message material that you could say, i started to “remember”.. to know.

The Steps have never just told me what to think, what to do, or how to do it. It would be more accurate to say that they encourage one to exercise their own authority and self-honesty. It really isn’t about following anything mindlessly here.

The Steps are what made me question, they made me ask greater questions. What they present is more about unlearning than accumulating new ideas and “stuff.”

It has been a process of going through the layers of my mind. They made me turn to myself, to face myself, to be honest with myself and my circumstances. Again, not because they say, “change this and go there and believe this and then you’ll be fulfilled and have purpose.” No, its really about self-honesty and for the individual to know what they need to know for themselves and their journey.

And that process will differ depending on the person, where they come from, their background in life and where they are going as well..

And it has been in taking the Steps, learning to work through those layers of the mind that i have come closer to that Mystery within, that knowing mind.. such a process, a gradual process.

Those layers being all the social conditioning that has been accumulated over so much time, in so many ways.

The New Message gave me my life back.

What it did was It held up a mirror. Simply and powerfully, so that i could see.. and from there, discover what i need to Know through my own experience.

The Steps are the map up a mountain that already exists.

Editor’s note: You may begin to read your map of life today. Read or download the Steps to Knowledge for free.

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