The Meaning of your Existence

meaning of your existence is found withinWhy are you here? What is the purpose of your birth? What is the meaning of your existence? Why do you seem to be separated from other people and yet share so much with them? The New Message revelation “The Separation” has a lot to say about this:

These questions are important, but ultimately the answer must be found within your own experience beneath the surface of your mind. Stay at the surface of your mind, acting and reacting to the world, and you will never understand any of these things even though they hold the ultimate value and purpose of your life and the meaning of your existence in this world, at this time, under these circumstances, no matter how troubling they may seem.

So, the meaning of your existence is not found in NFL football games on Sundays. The meaning of your life is not found in what is going on in social media. Watching sports and surfing Facebook are not evil activities and they can be a nice break from the hard work of life. But these diversions, and many others, distract us from the deep voice of truth inside us and the bigger reality of our life.

Maybe this is obvious, maybe it’s not. If it’s not obvious, the New Message revelation “The Separation” has more to say about avoiding our true existence, our greater voice within:

Why you do not want to hear the greater voice that God has put within you, the voice of Knowledge, the voice that resonates through your deeper nature, which is still connected to God? Why do you reject this? Why do you avoid this? Why do you want to live out in the world and be lost there, consumed by your interests, your hobbies and your dilemmas? Why do you run away from that which will redeem you?

The Meaning of your Existence is the Source of your Redemption

OK. Maybe you get it. But redemption? Why do you have to be redeemed? It’s the same reason why we seek distractions and hobbies and fulfillment in our work.

We are not satisfied with life: just waking up, eating, working and having children (possibly). We can’t be like the animals just surviving, finding food and shelter. We suffer from the memories of our past and we are anxious about our death in the future.

For a sentient being, the awareness of the future and the regrets from the past are an immense burden and source of suffering and misery. Only a greater purpose in life can utilize the past and the future for a greater purpose, thus relieving you from the suffering and the anxiety that it would otherwise produce in an overwhelming way. – “The Separation

So, it is engagement with your greater purpose, the meaning of your existence, that saves you from the misery and anxiety of living.

Sorry. New clothes, technology, movies, TV and hobbies are all enjoyable, but they will not save us from the burden of consciousness, the pain of knowing that our lives are finite.

OK. So HOW do you find that greater purpose, the meaning of your existence, which will redeem you?

It is like the treasure is in the temple, but it is locked deep inside, and you have to go find it. That in part is why God has sent a New Revelation into the world—to provide the Steps to Knowledge in the clearest possible form that can be translated into any language and studied directly, powerfully, without human commentary and without the weight and the corruption of history oppressing it.

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