The Meaning of Freedom

the meaning of freedomFreedom is often used as the motivation for doing necessary things:

  • “I need a job so that I can be free from poverty.”
  • “I need political equality to be free from oppression.”
  • “I need to tell the truth so that I am free from guilt.”
  • “I need to release my anger so that my heart is free.”

All these desires satisfy basic needs to escape oppressive circumstances, but they don’t explain the meaning of freedom. What is the purpose of freedom? What is freedom to be used for? What is the driving NEED for freedom?

Usually, these questions go unanswered simply because the concept of freedom is so valued.

Wars are justified in the name of freedom. Soldiers give their lives in the name of freedom. Governments are toppled in the name of freedom. Freedom is such an esteemed virtue that we rarely consider the meaning of freedom.

Because the meaning of freedom is not examined and considered seriously, freedom is often squandered, taken for granted and eventually rendered meaningless to people who seek it so fervently and mindlessly:

Freedom without purpose is quite meaningless. What is the value of freedom if there is no purpose? It is only license to be chaotic. But the true meaning of freedom is so that true purpose may continue to be discovered and expressed. To have this freedom, you must learn to live in Knowledge and to use Knowledge. – Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume I

This passage from the New Message from God explains the purpose of freedom: to discover Knowledge and to follow Knowledge and to live it in one’s life. Knowledge is your True self that contains your life’s purpose.

Since freedom is rare and difficult to achieve, once it is achieved, it must be used vigorously! Freedom must not be squandered – it must be squeezed for every last drop to discover and express our purpose for being in the world.

Freedom must be used and not taken for granted in order to give meaning to your life! There is a reason why freedom is hard won: it is gives you the greatest opportunity to fulfill your purpose in life.

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