The Meaning of Life is Obvious

Our ideas and preconceived notions of who we are, what life is about and what we should do in life all get in the way of seeing life for what it really is: simple and loving.

Within this simplicity of life we all have a mission, or destiny to fulfill. This mission usually isn’t complex or complicated. Our minds will want to make it so because the mind feeds of complexity, but really it is simple.

The Meaning of Life is Obvious


What makes life complex is that people want life to be what life is not, they want themselves to be what they are not and they want their destiny to be what it is not.Then they attempt to gain from life that which confirms their own idealism, and because life cannot confirm this, all becomes distressed, conflicted and complex.The mechanism of life may be complicated in its minute details, but the meaning of life is directly obvious to anyone who looks without the distortion of judgment or preference

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