Meaningful Work

Truly meaningful work is very rare in the world. In most situations, you must work to survive and support your family, and the meaning of your life must be sought and fulfilled beyond the bounds of your career and providership.

Whatever your work is, you must bring the meaning to your work. The meaning of your life is contained within your Knowledge, the deeper mind that God has placed within every individual in the universe. You bring that Knowledge to your relationships and to your work, and in this way you bless all whom you encounter, and the meaning of your life shines through you upon the world.

The New Message from God teaches us that the world is starving for meaningful work. There is much to do and very little time. The environment must be restored. The silent extraterrestrial invasion must be exposed and resisted. The nations and communities of the world must cooperate. The poor must be assisted. The power of Knowledge must be reclaimed and exercised. The New Message itself needs work done, to share its blessing and warning with the world.

I love my work
Follow your passion. Do what you love. Love what you do.
– Modern truism, but is it true?

Paradoxically, work that seems meaningful and fulfilling can hold you back from finding the true meaning of your life. You may be satisfied in your work helping the impoverished or promoting sustainability, while your destiny is trying to call you to relationships and work on the other side of the world.

Your deepest self cannot be fulfilled by choosing your own calling, choosing your work, and choosing your relationships. These things were prearranged. There is a place you must get to, a person you must meet, a labor you must undertake. You can try to do something else, but Knowledge within you will not be appeased.

Find Knowledge within you. Learn of its experience and movement. Take the Steps to Knowledge. And you will find your meaningful work and the expression of your truest self.

“When you speak of spirituality, speak of work in the world and of meaningful relationships, for this is where spirituality lives and expresses itself through the love and labor of people.”
Relationships and Higher Purpose

“Your motivations are often not your own. You are a slave to other forces. You are slave to your need for approval from others, from your desire for relationships and romance, from your quest for meaningful work, from your need for validation from others, from you fear of others.”
– Freedom (Feb 3, 2008)

“People say they want relationship and marriage, but they are not ready. People say they want to know their true purpose in life, but they are not ready. People say they want meaningful work in the world, but they are not ready, they have not prepared for this. They cannot have these things being the way they are now; they are not ready.”
– Real Change (Nov 6, 2008)

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