A Necessary life is a Meaningful life

A necessary life is a meaningful life.
The movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart

Coming out of the holiday season, some people get depressed and believe that their life is not necessary or meaningful.

Like George Bailey from the Frank Capra movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” we sometimes lose sight of how vital and necessary our life is.

Our job gets us down. The weather can get us down. Our local sports teams can get us down. Even things that normally make us happy can get us down: pets, children, even our favorite food.

I love this film because it reminds me of how necessary my life is and how important everyone’s life is. Steps to Knowledge touches on this truth and goes one step further:

Your life is a necessity. Its importance is not merely for you alone, but for the world as well. If you can comprehend this in truth, this will override any sense of unworthiness or indolence that you may still possess. For if your life is a necessity, then it has purpose, meaning and direction. If your life is a necessity, then all other lives are a necessity as well. In this, you will wish to harm no one but instead will seek to affirm Knowledge in everyone. This necessity, then, bears with it the strength and the direction that you require and provides you with the grace and depth that you must receive for yourself. A necessary life is a meaningful life. – Step 172 from Steps to Knowledge

A Necessary life is a Meaningful life

If we could all see how vitally important our life was and what the purpose of us being here was,  there would be no more depression, hopelessness, addiction, or anxiety. Vitality would spring forth effortlessly!

People would be busy living their important lives – not in an ego sense of being better that others – but important in the true sense of living a life they know that MUST live: in service to humanity or in service to the Earth and its living creatures. A necessary life is a meaningful life!

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