The Road to Heaven

The Road to HeavenGod is far greater than any religion has ever conceived or could conceive, in this world or any world—a God of a billion, billion, billion races and more, a God of galaxies beyond this one, a God of Creation beyond all physical manifestation.

No theology or philosophy could contain this panorama of life, wisdom, power and intention…

Therefore, to understand the love of God, to understand God’s Plan to save everyone, you must have the eyes to see beyond what you are accustomed to, beyond perhaps what you have been taught. Beyond your religious and social conditioning, to a certain degree, you must see.

And when you do, the meaning of your life will begin to become apparent. You will feel as if you have been freed from a prison, a prison within your own mind, a prison of conditioning and religious belief.

For you do not get to Heaven based upon belief. Your road to Heaven has to do with contribution in the world, based upon tolerance, forgiveness and service to others, be you of any faith tradition, be you of no faith tradition. Your life is either purposeful in this regard or not. – God’s Plan is to Save Everyone

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