Sacajawea: Woman at a Hinge of History

Sacajawea, it is clear to see in retrospect, was a person who landed squarely in a very hinge of history, a cutting edge of cultural upheaval and transition. She surfed that wave of the new. What meaning do we assign to her life?

Was she a way-shower? Or a door opener, co-opted by the invading forces, selling out her own and the land to the resource-hungry, avaricious invaders?

She was both.

Sacajaea Her presence signals peace
Sacajawea, frontier navigator

Sacajawea’s mere presence among the explorer/government agents establishing territorial rights was like a white flag of non-aggression, on account of being a woman and her child. Peering into that scene of centuries long past, I see her a willing enough captive, not seeking escape, and her captors respectful of her presence, not taking undue advantage, not treating her like a piece of furniture.

Sacajawea As a Way-shower

Sacajawea was a person of the future, sold at an early age to the people who would ultimately rule the land, who’d be forever indebted to her for her role in the transition. Recruited to the Lewis & Clark expedition, she fulfilled an important mission and was honored as a legitimate voice in the small democracy of the expeditionary force by the time they reached the westernmost point of the mission.

Sacajawea: the Native Taken Captive

Sacajawea had no choice except the choice of demeanor, habit and attitude toward her lot as translator, navigator, child bride, hostage. Implicit, never acknowledged is the role that she–with her child–acquired as the conscience of the group.

Sacajawea: A Greater Community Person

a bridge, a hinge “Here you realize that you a pioneer. You are doing something new. You are at the very outset of a great movement, a great shift. As a pioneer, you will have to face loneliness and the lack of recognition from others. You will have to build your own strength and bond closely with others who are responding to the Revelation.”–Being a Person of the New Message

Who you are, why you are here and what you specifically have to offer

“YOU HAVE COME INTO THE WORLD at a great turning point, a turning point only part of which you will see in your own lifetime.” —Steps to Knowledge Step 190

You are here at a hinge of history. Every person alive at this time is living at a time like the time of Sacajawea, at a clash of cultures when certain people might be well placed to be translators between the competing races and ideologies.

“In the Greater Community of worlds, which is the physical universe in which we live, spirituality has evolved to a very, very high state. Not only to a high state, but a state of translatability—in other words, to a state where it can be shared between different worlds, whose cultures and physical environments may be quite different from one another.” —Being a Greater Community Person

Humanity is on the verge of a breakthrough, a make-it-or-break-it point in its development. Will we grasp the importance of the Greater Community? Or will we succumb to Stockholm Syndrome and embrace the new overlords?

If we are wise, no, we will not be co-opted. The stakes are too high, even higher than the stakes of the earliest settlers of the Americas. Our situation is far more compromised, however. Hear the way-shower of our time, who can point out the steps forward.

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