Seeing the Big Picture of Life

The New Message emphasizes the need of seeing the Big Picture of life in order to understand the meaning of our life. It’s a matter of perspective and understanding our true place in life.

Here’s an analogy: If we only know our local neighborhood, we don’t know what possibilities exist for us beyond it. We won’t know that there are many, many more people than who we know in our own neighborhood. It expands our perspective and understanding to meet people from places we have never seen or visited. It expands our potential ideas for where we can go, who we can meet and what we can accomplish in life.

The New Message asks us to take the same view of our life in the universe with billions and billions of worlds with intelligent races. If we only know of life on this planet, then we don’t really understand the full spectrum of life in the universe and our place in it.

Seeing the big picture of life
You cannot hold a small vision of the world and possibly understand the meaning of your own life.

We have to understand that we are living amidst a Greater community of worlds and that our life on Earth is a small part of our greater life.

This is seeing the Big Picture of life – not a small and isolated life within one planet or one lifetime. We are on a much larger journey of life, traveling through a vast cosmos of intelligent life on countless worlds, some of which we have been already, some of which we are destined to visit.

Doesn’t this make sense? Some of our deepest inclinations and thoughts don’t originate from this lifetime or planet. Haven’t you wondered how it is that you feel this way? It wasn’t all due to genetics or our environment.

This Greater perspective of a Greater reality in a Greater community of worlds can yield rich benefits of deep insight, knowledge, relationships of destiny and a greater sense of satisfaction in life and confidence about our real self-worth.

The Greater Community will alter how you see yourself, how nations here interact with one another and the whole priority of humanity. Its impact can be extremely beneficial if you can understand it correctly. – from “Entering the Greater Community”

If you aren’t seeing the big picture of life, you won’t be comprehending the big meaning of your life. By remaining focused on this small, but beautiful planet, we remain focused on our small, but beautiful life.

This is why you have come. You did not come to sleep on a beautiful planet, but to help preserve it and protect the human family from decline and from subjugation. – from “Entering the Greater Community”

The New Message is here to broaden our perspective so that we may have a bigger vision, a truer vision of our existence and reasons for being on this planet at this time.

Explore your Greater Reality.

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