Serve Others to Find Meaning in Life

“Ultimately, everyone’s purpose serves the reclamation and the preservation of Knowledge in the world. However, what you may end up doing may seem very different from this, if only in appearance. It is the spirit with which you give, the quality of your gift and the quality of your awareness and your relationships that will keep Knowledge alive in the world. Everything else that is accomplished is to help people, to serve people, to heal people, to enable people, to strengthen people and to take care of people.”

“People… think, ‘Well, my purpose? Let’s see, what do I want?’ as if they were choosing from a great wish list… Purpose has to do with what the world needs from you and what you are able to give to the world, which may or may not conform to you personal goals, plans and ambitions.”

Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 18, pp. 224, 227-28

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All excerpts taken from The New Message from God

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