Service to Self vs. Service to Others: The Journey to a Greater Self

self-service->service to others->serving with others
Life is a journey from dependence through independence to interdependence.

A life of meaning is a journey of steps:

  1. Out of the fog of misdirection in service to self.
  2. To a life centered on a higher path of calling: service to others.
  3. Joining with others to serve an ultimate, shared purpose.

Self-protection and the instinct for survival are the most primary needs, that if insecure overwhelm the desire for a life of meaning. A stable foundation builds a platform from which to serve others, to work with others while keeping our own needs in balance. Ultimately we might find ourselves in the midst of a something that calls out our best self, a greater self than we could have imagined on our own.

You are undertaking a great transition–a transition from a limited perspective to a greater perspective, from a life dominated by your personal mind to a life that is fused and joined with Knowledge. You are taking a great journey from being imprisoned in your individuality to using it to express a Greater Reality.”- Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume Two, Chapter 33: Perseverance

In centuries past, the question of service finally boiled down to two ways of being in the world:

  1. Service to self.
  2. Service to others.

The Law of One channeling covers this dualistic reality in great detail. Those who read the transcripts tend to elevate the second way of being as clearly a higher order of being in the world. Ayn Rand offered a correction, like a devil’s advocate reminding the idealist … well, to watch out they don’t assume everyone agrees. In both cases, we can observe the legacy of these ground-breakers, still very influential in our world, and still not reconciled.

The New Message reveals that the contrast between service to self and service to others is a false dichotomy. It provides a greater understanding that joining in service to your own true calling makes your life a gift to the world that redeems your life at the same time. God wants what you want, so ultimately, self-service merges with service to others.

Reed Summers offers to the Worldwide Community of the New Message from God his gift for framing the narration of the greater perspective given in the New Message from God.

A summary of the video:

  • We all start off lost in a confusing world.
  • We all are shaped by forces in the world: cultural and social conditioning.
  • We have amnesia: we forget who we are and where we come from; we misidentify with the body and the mind.
  • Something jars us. Something prompts us to begin the journey out of the fog of amnesia, culture and conditioning, the wandering, the fear that self-service is based on.
  • Someone notices our predicament. Finding such a person clears the fog just enough to sense the sure foundation we stand on. “Like a tiny speck on the surface of the ocean, you have been found.” There is hope; this must be communicated.
  • Finding hope, cultivating hope, determined and renewed, we continue on the journey, ever more like streams uniting as they seek the ocean:

The personal revelation is transference of power from the divine through the individual in the form of contribution to the world that you are designed to make at a certain time and place with certain people.”- The Threshold of Personal Revelation, as received by Marshall Vian Summers on July 21, 2009, in Aleppo, Syria

This truth is felt most acutely at this time when humanity is on such a threshold as a race, quickly skidding to the end of the road of self-gratification.

“This is a period of transition, which will be difficult and turbulent. Its opportunities and demands will be tremendous. Its risk of failure will be substantial. It is not a time for the faint of heart or for the weak minded. It is not a time for the ambivalent or the self-indulgent. It is a time for great strength and dedication. Knowledge within you will give you this strength and determination as you become a student of Knowledge, as you advance in The Way of Knowledge and as you take the steps to Knowledge. This is because you are needed for something great in this life.” — “What Is Human Destiny?”

Explore the journey of service in ever-expanding spheres of influence, from self-service through service to others to service joined to higher purpose with others. Find here an action plan for this discovery where “your greater gifts will emerge, and your life will be an inspiration and a great service to others, according to your original design and intent. This fulfills the need of the soul, which is your deepest and most profound need.”

Service to Self vs. Service to Others
The Higher Self is not an individual.
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