Suffering Leads to Life’s Meaning

Suffering leads to life meaning“For a person to respond to God’s Revelation, they must recognize at the outset that they cannot fulfill themselves given the usual habits, diversions and enjoyments that people around them are so deeply invested in. They must realize they have a greater need and a greater responsibility in life. This will be demonstrated at the outset by their suffering and their discouragement with the world around them as they gradually lose interest in the games and hobbies of people around them because they have a deeper need that is now emerging.

If they have satisfied the needs of the body through food, clothing, shelter and security; if they have satisfied the needs of the mind through the availability of education and opportunity, then the greater need will begin to arise within them. This is the need of the soul, which can only be fulfilled by recognizing, accepting and fulfilling your greater purpose for coming here—which is something that resides entirely beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect. You cannot figure it out, but you can and must experience it. And it is waiting to be discovered.”

Being a Person of the New Message (Sept. 7, 2009)

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