The meaning of life in the universe

For thousands of years people have gazed into night sky filled with stars and wondered, “What does it all mean? What is the meaning of life in the Universe?”

Meaning of life in the UniverseThe book Life in the Universe can answer these questions and many more about the reality of life in the universe and the profound meaning of life with countless other planets and beings.

The following are excepts from Life in the Universe about life’s purpose and meaning:

Today, as in the past, people project their hopes and their wishes upon the meaning of life beyond the world, hoping that other races will be more enlightened, more sophisticated and more elevated than the human family has been and is currently. And, of course, there are many fears projected into this larger arena of life—fears of terrible beasts, terrible invading nations, destruction, attack and so forth.
Life in the Universe

The recognition between two individuals or even between two worlds comes from the Mystery. It is this Mystery that exists alongside the manifestation of life that gives life all of its value, its meaning, its purpose and its true destiny. Experience the Mystery and you will see the manifestation in a different way. If you see only the manifestation, you will miss all that the Mystery has to offer you—its guidance, its protection and its ability to take your life into a greater level of service and meaning.
Life in the Universe

God without a purpose is something that people cannot relate to because people need purpose. They need a purpose they can share with God in order to have a relationship with God. You can just exist and God can just exist, but relationships demonstrate purpose, particularly when you are living in a world of change where the meaning and purpose of what you do in life really does matter.
Life in the Universe

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