The meaning of my life

Have you ever wondered, “What is the meaning of my life?” Have you ever thought: “This can’t be all that my life is meant for. I KNOW that I was born to do more than what I am currently doing.”

The meaning of my life
Steps to Knowledge

That’s because the meaning of every person’s life is already contained inside each individual. Our life’s meaning was with us when we were born, it is with us now and it will be with us when we die. Our life’s meaning is in our Knowledge. Here, the word Knowledge is not to be confused with learned facts or elements of the mind:

Knowledge represents your True Self, your True Mind and your True Relationships in the universe. It also possesses your greater calling in the world and a perfect utilization of your nature, all of your inherent abilities and skills, even your limitations, all to be given for good in the world.
Steps to Knowledge, Step 2

So, how can anyone answer the question, “What is the meaning of my life?” Our life’s meaning is found by discovering our Knowledge which can be found by taking the Steps to Knowledge:

Through practice and revelation, Steps to Knowledge gives students the necessary structure to find Knowledge, to engage with Knowledge and to follow Knowledge in every situation. With this, they begin to find their true direction in life. Studying every day builds the skill and the confidence that only consistent self-application can provide.
Steps to Knowledge

Relationships in the context of life meaning
Relationships evolve from our life’s meaning

Steps to Knowledge emphasizes that to experience our life’s meaning we need to do it in the context of relationships. We are meant to engage with others which provides true meaning in our life:

Seek the experience of true purpose. This provides the foundation for all meaningful relationships. Do not seek relationships outside of this context, for they will lack foundation and, though perhaps very alluring, will prove to be very difficult for you. Whether you are seeking marriage, great friendship or someone to help you in your work, remember that Knowledge will draw to you all individuals as you truly need them.
Steps to Knowledge, Step 131

When people ask themselves, “What is the meaning of my life?” often they look for big answers or big causes. However, the purpose and meaning of our lives is often very close to us, usually right where we are in the form of necessary activity:

Doing what is necessary will engage you with vitality in life, for life in the world, in all its forms, is engaged in what is necessary. This at first seems oppressive to human beings, for they are accustomed to living in fantasy, where everything is preferential and nothing is really necessary.

Yet, it is when something is really necessary in life, even if it is a dire circumstance, that people are able to liberate themselves momentarily from their fantasies and feel purpose, meaning and direction. This, then, is a gift to humanity, but people usually give themselves this gift only under dire circumstances.

It is under happier circumstances that you must now learn to receive this and welcome necessity as a saving grace in your life, for you wish to be needed, you wish to be included, you wish to be vital and you wish to be an essential part of community.
Steps to Knowledge, Step 173

The Great Waves
The Great Waves of climate change are upon us

And the world is in dire circumstances, unfortunately. We are threatened from within and from without. Global climate change and the Great Waves of Change are evident almost everywhere and is one of the most pressing issues for life on the planet today:

“[The Great Waves of Change] is the perfect set of circumstances where you outgrow selfishness, weakness, self-abuse and personal addiction in order to rise to a great occasion.”
– Where Will You Place your Faith

We do not need to imagine our purpose or imagine a new life role to have a meaningful life. Knowledge within us contains our meaning and purpose which may express itself simply and without grandeur:

You are here for a greater purpose than you have imagined, for your imagination does not contain the meaning of your purpose in life. In life there is only purpose and all the things that are substitutes for this purpose, which are born of fearful imagination. You are here to live a greater life than you have yet realized, and this greatness is what you carry within you. It may be expressed in the simplest of lifestyles and in the simplest of activities. Activities are great because of the essence that they convey, not because of the stimulation that they may arouse in other people.
Steps to Knowledge, Step 188

Understanding and knowing why we are in life is the only true way to know our life’s meaning. Without Knowledge, the path to finding one’s life meaning is a long road of trial and error:

You must realize that without Knowledge life is hopeless, for you are without purpose, meaning and direction. Then only your errors can teach you, and only they can support your unforgiveness.
Steps to Knowledge, Step 215

Once you take the Steps to Knowledge, your life’s meaning will naturally express itself. Without thought or effort, your mind will no longer feel like a burden but will be used to express your purpose and meaning in life:

You are only beginning to comprehend the meaning of your life. This will naturally arise in your understanding without your efforts in attempting to conceptualize it. The meaning and purpose of your life will simply arise and be expressed today and tomorrow and in the days to come, for Knowledge is that simple and fundamental. Thus, your intellect can be used to deal with the physical necessities of your life, the particulars of your life and the mechanism of your life, for this is the application of the intellect. Yet, the greatness of Knowledge provides purpose, meaning and direction, which the intellect can never provide. Therefore, the intellect is a faculty that has a true function here, for it serves the greatness of Knowledge.
Steps to Knowledge, Step 237

Begin the Steps to Knowledge today to discover and express your life’s meaning.