What is Spiritual Fire?

The spiritual fire was placed in you by GodWhat is spiritual fire, where does it come from and why does it drive us to seek greater purpose?

Why do we search for meaning in our lives? Why does it seem like we have a spiritual fire burning a hole in our souls?

Really, why should we do this? It holds no immediate gratification to find meaning in life and yet many people still yearn for it, search for it and work towards it.

What is this drive, this spiritual fire that pushes us into unknown territory, beyond the expectations of our family and culture? From where does it come?

Why do people hear a calling to serve others or to seek out new discoveries in science and art? Where does altruism come from and the desire to improve the human condition?

Animals don’t have this drive, this burning need to find meaning and contribution in life. Sadly, many humans who are oppressed by economic circumstances and religious dictates also don’t search for it because they have more pressing needs of the moment to attend to.

Only the person who has achieved a certain level of financial independence, and who can provide for their own needs of food, water,  shelter and clothing seek this journey of meaning.

What is this burning need to find something greater than Earthly pleasures of comfort, distraction and entertainment?

The New Message from God calls this burning need “The Spiritual Fire”:

As a creature of the earth, your heart will continue to beat; your body will work. But these things cannot produce the desire to create, the desire to establish true relationships, the desire for meaning and the search for meaning. These must come from a deeper incentive that lives within you, deep down within you. This comes from the fire. – The Spiritual Fire

Consumer Goods Attempt to Satisfy our Spiritual Fire

What is spiritual fire if it is sold in a bottle?
What is spiritual fire if it is sold in a bottle?

So, we all have this Spiritual Fire. But BEWARE . For the person who has achieved a basic level of comfort and security, the mental environment is constantly appealing to our spiritual fire and attempting to drain and weaken it.

The advertisements running in the mental environment – on television, radio, and online – also know what is spiritual fire inside us. The advertisements speak to our deep yearnings for meaning, relationships, service and purpose in life.

Whether its a car or a toothpaste or an article of clothing, the promise of all advertisements is that we will be happier, filled with meaningful relationships and confidence with these products. Look at any advertisement and you can know this is true. They are appealing to our spiritual fire in a slightly dishonest way.

But no amount of possessions or purchases can satisfy the spiritual fire. It burns and drives us forward in search of that meaning and the truth of our lives:

This is your freedom, you see, for nothing in the world can extinguish this [spiritual fire]. It remains pure within you. Even if your life has been defiled; even if your life has been misspent; even if your life is currently under suffering, under subjugation or oppression by others, the fire is pure within you. It will give you the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the strength to look at life objectively. It will restore you from your obsessions and addictions, for it is more powerful than they.

Have the courage to see the messages behind the messages in our culture: the ads, the offers, the inducements which entice us to substitute our real life meaning for trinkets of short-lived pleasure. You need this spiritual fire; the world needs this spiritual fire. What is spiritual fire if not the ultimate truth of our reason for being in the world?

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