What is the Meaning of Life?

The Meaning of LifeWhy am I here? Why was I born? What is my life for? What is important in life? These questions and many like them have plagued people around the world and throughout the ages.

Now, there are answers to these questions about the meaning of life. From the sacred texts of the New Message from God, amazingly there is a way for everyone to answer the question, “What is important in my life.”

Here are just a few quotes that provide clues to the meaning of life:

“[Life] Meaning is found in real engagements with others which serve a real purpose that serves the evolution of the world.” Greater Community Spirituality, chap. 8, p. 90

“What is essential gives meaning and what is not essential takes meaning away.” Greater Community Spirituality, chap. 13; p. 161

“[Your] search for meaning in the world… can only really be fulfilled by the greater purpose that has sent [you] here in the first place.” The Sacred Rendezvous, January 29, 2009

Other questions about the Meaning of Life:

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