What’s so important about the Greater Community?

Why Is the Greater Community important?

Marshall Vian Summers speaks at length about those to whom awareness of the Greater Community is all important, a mysteriously driving force in their lives. ( Being a Greater Community Person)

Importance of the Greater CommunityAll quotations below speak to the importance of the Greater Community for everyone. All are excerpted from Chapter 3 (Greater Community) of Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume One by Marshall Vian Summers.


Everyone knows

 “It is something everyone knows exists. Your belief system may account for it or not. Your ideas may speak of it or not. It may be a subject of personal interest or not. Yet everyone knows it exists. Everyone knows that this world, in its slight venturings into space, in its rapid technological development, in the collapse  of its tribal civilizations, will inevitably emerge into the Greater Community. It is very important to see this because if you fight against the evolutionary forces that are shaping your world, then you will not be in harmony with your own life’s purpose.”

Reading the Signs

“If you look, you will see.

“If you bear witness to the events in your world, you will see that your world is racing to a culminating experience. Everyone feels this, but not many people know what it is about. As in all great turning points, catastrophes, apocalypses and messianic arrivals are predicted. This always occurs at times of transition because people feel they must give some kind of explanation to account for this deeper experience of change.”

Signs Within

“Many of you have felt strangely moved emotionally in these recent times. You may think it is your own personal development, but that cannot account for everything. You say to yourself, ‘Something is happening, but I don’t know what it is. I can feel it. I know something is about to happen, but I don’t know what it is.‘”


“Placed within your Knowledge when you came into this world was certain information that is relevant to your role, should it ever be discovered.”

“You see, your religious traditions have been centered upon humanity alone, but you are already part of a Greater Community, and your Ancient Heritage before this life included lives in other worlds as well. That is why many of you have had great difficulty in adjusting to being here. For some of you, your Heritage lies beyond this world and it is strange for you to be here. Why are you here now in a world that seems so odd, so difficult and so alien to you?”

 Who is visiting us?

“The Greater Community is comprised of many cultures, only a few of which even know you exist. There are only two or three who have ever been here, for your Sector is vast and space travel is very slow.”

All foreigners from the universe in the world today

“The Greater Community is having a tremendous impact here, and it will increase as the years go by.”

“The Greater Community is with you now. All of this emphasis on extraterrestrials is very recent. Of all the illustrations of extraterrestrials, the wild speculation and the fantasy, much of it is useless and nonsense.Yet the seed of it is true.Why is this all happening now? You may say,“What difference does it make to me? I don’t care. I have my own problems!”Yet the Greater Community is influencing you emotionally, and it is changing your circumstances”


“Tribal cultures are breaking down.The world must, out of necessity, become a unified community. Why is this so? It is so because this is evolution. It is completely predictable wherever intelligent life has colonized.When this great turning point comes, it will be a time of tremendous stress and development. The world must, out of necessity, become a unified community.”


their physical, biological, and psychological processes vary greatly

The Greater Community is not made up of enlightened beings who are all anxiously waiting to come and enlighten humankind. Your neighbors from abroad share many of your same difficulties. If they were as enlightened as many of you wish they were, they would not be in the physical. Because they exist on the physical plane, they essentially all have the same difficulties that you do. Though their physical, biological, and psychological processes vary greatly, they are not perfect because they are still in the physical. Their technological advances do not necessarily mean that they have advanced in their inner lives, in spiritual matters. Technological development is problematic. It is a different kind of development from spiritual development within a race. Actually, your world is quite evolved spiritually, contrary to what many here think.You are very evolved, very rich.”

life beyond this world is not that unlike your life here

“There are difficulties in the Greater Community as there are difficulties here.They are simply on a greater scale, that is all. There are opposing forces in this Sector that you must realize, for life beyond this world is not that unlike your life here. Conflicts exist, alliances exist, betrayal exists, and the Spiritual Presence works everywhere. So, do not get too involved in the drama of things. It is the Spiritual Presence at work that is the most important.”

“Hear our lesson, please, we will tell you about a race in the Greater Community that was advanced far beyond what you can imagine, yet they did not have Knowledge.

  • They did not become aware of events before they happened.
  • They were not prepared.
  • They were specialists in technological development.
  • Yet they fell prey to a Greater Community that they did not understand because they did not have Knowledge.
  • Therefore, they were ignorant of the forces around them.
  • And though they contracted to make devices for other races, they did not understand the intent of the other races, nor did they wish to.
  • They were isolated and ignorant.
  • As a result, their civilization is no more.
  • This loss was a major loss, even for the Spiritual Families. It was a setback.

Yet because truth emanates from beyond time, redemption will occur. But it is a lost opportunity.”

All quotations taken from-Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume One, Chapter 3: Greater Community

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